Our story

Our History

At Honey For Life we are committed to making honey that is raw, organic and served in its purest form, with as little human interaction as possible. The way nature intended.

With some of the most beautiful and untouched forests in the world right here in Western Australia, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to create some of Australia’s most sought-after honey, including Active Jarrah, Karri and Red Gum. These varieties are all unique to Western Australia’s South West region, and we feel so proud to share them with you.

In 2019 Honey For Life purchased one of Western Australia’s leading commercial beekeeping operations Davies Apiaries which was established some 40 years ago. With a state-of-the-art extraction facility and 1,200 beehives, we’ve been hard at work expanding this operation ever since.

We hope you enjoy exploring all of our amazing honey.

Our Future

Since late 2016, our humble honey company has been hard at work establishing Manuka honey plantations on regenerated farmland across Western Australia’s South West region. We’re continually increasing our area under plantation year-by-year, aiming to become one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Manuka honey and specialty mono-floral honey in the near future.

We're currently exporting products into Singapore, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, China, Italy and Hong Kong. We are always looking to expand our international product distribution, and similarly are looking for a potential East Coast partner for the establishment of Manuka plantations and product distribution.

Restoring ancient farmland

We recently purchased and established two plantations on properties in Western Australia's South West. These properties were cleared of the majority of their native vegetation back in the early 1900s and have been used since for mixed cropping, sheep and cattle grazing.

Since purchasing these properties we’ve planted approximately 1,010,000 trees within the cleared areas to form a future bee-friendly forest with the majority of these trees being native and endemic to Western Australia. These plantations have also been registered with the government as a certified large scale carbon sequestration project.

Also, by significantly boosting the beehive population on these farms at various times of the year, we are creating a net positive pollinator effect on all the surrounding natural flora in the local area.

100% Transparency

We aim to be one of the most transparent beekeeping operations and food companies in Australia.o further add to this commitment, we are working to soon deliver our batch finder, which provides a catalogue of information about each honey, pollen or beeswax product we have for sale.

The specific batch information sheet is printed and comes with every product purchased so you, the customer, know as much as we do about the product!


You may have noticed by now that we talk about Total Activity a lot, as it is a huge driving force behind our approach to producing organic, delicious honey.

All of our honey goes through testing to determine the ‘Total Activity’ rating. Total Activity refers to the honey’s anti-microbial quality, meaning its ability to fight against nasty bacteria. The higher the Total Activity rating, the stronger the antibacterial qualities. Most of our honeys are active with ratings above TA35+, so not only are they delicious but good for you as well -who doesn’t love that!

Customers First

We’re continually trying to improve and refine our customer experience and enjoyment of all our different bee products.

If you have any product suggestions or feedback please contact James Clough on 0415480054 or via email at james.clough@honeyforlife.com.au

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